Welcome to Smart Answer.

The Smart Answer is a web based customer service portal. Here you can setup your own professionally looking online help desk by submitting very short web form. No credit card required. The service is competitively priced and very reliable, as we use multiple failover servers.

However not all our customers are as reliable or careful as we are. Some customers are going out of business leaving ghost sites that are still pointing to our server. Some change providers but forgot to clean up their sites and keep forwarding their visitors to canceled Smart Answer accounts. Either way people arrive to this page.

Yes, there may be only 3 reasons you read this message:

  1. You mistyped the URL (web address).
  2. The web site owner mistyped the link to their Smart Answer based customer service portal.
  3. We have cancelled service for the website you were just arrived from.

We kindly ask you to avoid submitting requests related to services provided by the web site that forwarded you here. We are not affiliated with those companies and individuals in any way. We do not outsource customer service operations. We offer customer service portal solution (hosted software) only. We do not return any calls, we do not answer any service tickets or emails related to services offered by web sites that show links to our server, and unless subpoenaed we do not disclose any information about our former customers.

If you need more information about customer service portal solution that we offer, please visit the Smart Answer main site.

If you want to contact owners of the web site you were just arrived from, please use your browser 'Back' button and try to find contact information on the site. You may also try using whois search available through Domain Tools.

If you bought anything online but did not receive the goods or service, call phone number shown on your bank card statement. If no answer, dispute a credit card charge with your bank.

Thank you,
Smart Answer Customer Service Team.